Wednesday, May 28, 2008

At Sea Again

Crown Princess Deck Log
Throughout the day Crown Princess continued her course towards Oslo. We embarked two pilots to assist with the navigation transiting the inside passage through Denmark, passing under the Great Belt Bridge.
Sky: Clear Skies
Temperature: 59F

The real world crept back into our lives momentarily this morning when it was decided that laundry needed to be done. The laundromat was supposed to open at 8 a.m., but when I got there at 10 minutes to 8 it was already open, and all of the machines were already in use.

One man was ahead of me, so we became number one and number two. At 8 a.m. people began showing up from all directions, and they were amazed to already be numbers three, four, five and six when it supposedly didn't open until 8. I decided to hang in there, because I could tell by the way things were going that I would never be number two again! Number one listened to all of the complaints and said to me quietly that he was in charge of customer service for Continental Airlines and was glad he didn't have to answer to these angry launderers!

Bottom line - our laundry was all washed, dried and folded before 10 a.m. That left the rest of the day for sunning, shopping for souvenirs, entertainment in the Atrium, lunch in the buffet (Dick and Jan grooved on the sushi), Casino - (will I never learn), Scrabble with Jan and a lady from Vancouver, and even a nap!

The Internet Center was a source of frustration for the whole cruise. We were hoping that we could log caches and keep up with the blog daily, but the connections were so slow that it was impossible - and expensive, since you pay by the minute! The sign says it all:

Our ship went under the Great Belt Bridge - it's a very nice bridge, but it's no Mackinac!!

The entertainment in the Atrium was this boy on a bike - and his parents probably thought he was wasting his time with that bike :)

Drinks before dinner at Crooner's.