Friday, January 05, 2007


We met Tim and Susie for breakfast at the Wild Onion in Alden. (That's the place where one of the omelets is named The Torcher - cracks us up every time). We had fun chatting - comparing caching experiences and Holiday stories. They told us they logged the Fountain of Youth cache on the way 5 minutes after we did! We compared notes and tried to figure out the damage that has been done to the little park where the Fountain of Youth cache is located. Someone drove onto the grassy area and churned up a lot of loose, wet, black soil. There are deep tire tracks all around. The picnic table has been torn apart - we think whoever drove in there backed into it and smashed it. Probably somebody imbibed a bit much and used poor judgement.

After breakfast, they wanted to do the Alden Historical multi-cache, and we were interested because we never were able to locate stage 2 of that cache, even though we did find the final stage. We decided to stick around and see if they could find it. Susie has naturally built in cache radar! They struck out too on stage 2, and Dick and I felt gratified that we aren't the only ones who couldn't find it!

Visited Mother on the way home - she claims that nobody is paying any attention to her. She wanted a specific pair of shoes, so Dick went over to Concord to get them, and brought back the shoes and the white pointsettia from church. She is not happy. Somehow her golden years have been tarnished.