Monday, November 13, 2006

Bones, Burritos, and Bikes

Dick worked at the Agency. I had another wonderful medical morning (hah), a bone density test closely followed by a mammogram. The density test is a breeze. You just lay on a special table fully clothed and stay still for a few minutes and that's it. The mamm. was not as bad as I remembered - not bad at all really. Maybe I'm just getting accustomed to it.

We met for lunch at La Senorita, and it was very nice. It was Senior Citizen Day so we got 25% off the total. Such a deal! Then we went to the library to do some more research on recumbent bikes, and then we went around the corner to McClain's and bought one! It's being delivered this afternoon at 4 o'clock. It's by Vision Fitness. I think it will be a big help. I tried it out and it was wonderful to have a back rest and a big seat. Hooray! It was $100 off, and the salesman cut the delivery and setup fee in half, so we got another good deal. I personally think that the cane creates sympathy...I could be wrong.

We drove home in a beautiful snowfall, with big fluffy flakes. Makes me think it' s about time to buy the Thanksgiving turkey.

Wow. All of the Maize and Blue Faithful are really looking forward to next Saturday's game with Ohio State, (a know-nothing party school). It's a major rivalry every single year. We used to sing their fight song with different words "Liquidate Ohio State and humble Woody Hayes." I don't have a song for Coach Tressel.

This year the game takes on national significance because it's between the number 1 and the number 2 teams in the country, and the winner will play in the National Championship game. I think our team is ready, and up for the challenge. OSU has many outstanding athletes, but they may not have the chemistry and team spirit that Michigan has. No matter what the outcome, it has been a great season for Lloyd and his team, and we're naturally wishing them all the best.