Friday, January 24, 2014


7:15 a.m. at the Martin Memorial Diagnostic Center - so many people get up way too early!  We're here for an ultrasound to evaluate my ascites to see if I need or qualify for paracentesis to relieve discomfort.  The ultrasound tech was a really interesting person with lots of tales to tell.  She talked nonstop and it was very entertaining!  Ultrasounds are "easy peasy" because you don't have to disrobe - you just lie there, listen, and get warm gel all over your clothes!

Afterwards we had breakfast at Mulligans - muffin and fruit - very yummy.  Then grocery shopping - oh joy.  Although I must say that we do really like Publix - a great store with nice prices and extensive selections.

Laurie had her substitute teacher class today at the administration building.  It was an all day event, with lots of hand-outs - stacks of paper!  She enjoyed it more than she had thought that she would.

Dylan missed school today because of a sore throat.  We monitored him by text 3 or 4 times - he seemed to not need anything.  Laurie came home from her class for lunch to check on him.

Found it 01/24/2014 You found Martin and Mapp   Visit Log
Nice hide, great cords. Found on our way to Jiffy Lube. TFTC