Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sweet Tuesday

I am out and about more, mostly walking without the cane, and it does feel great! I'm still a little unsteady, but it's not that bad. The pills that Dr. Burke gave me for gout relieved the pain already, and I'm really grateful. The gout was on my good side, so it was hard to know which way to limp!

We'll be having a very quiet Thanksgiving - just the two of us. We'll do the traditional dinner on Thursday, and spend time with Mother. She hasn't been feeling well this week, so we're kind of playing that by ear. We have a geocaching event on Saturday over in Portage that we're planning to attend, assuming that all is well with Mother.

Jana is still not back at work - she has been really sick. She had pelvic inflammatory disease associated with her infected cyst and it laid her low. Now she's battling the mother of all colds - it hit her when her immune system was down. She sounded much better when I talked to her yesterday. We're expecting her home for Christmas if all goes well. The others will all be in Florida for Christmas.