Sunday, August 10, 2008

Peninsula Geocaching

Back out on Old Mission Peninsula for still more geocaching today! Jana wasn't with us the last time, so today it's her turn. We found three caches altogether, and they were all fun, especially the one at the park where there was a family reunion in progress. We were greeted by some of them as if we were part of the family - I think this one lady thought that we were!

But very best one of all was Get Your Yia Yia's Out - it was at the elusive and mysterious Lakeside Cemetery out in the inaccessible middle of nowhere! What a strange place. The gravesites are spread out far apart from each other. There is a path, but otherwise things are pretty much overgrown. Such headstones as there are can be deciphered, but many of the sites are just marked with a stake or a white cross. Fascinating, interesting, unusual, and a little creepy. We loved the experience!

8/10/2008 You found Chicknkid Hole In One (Traditional Cache)
We came out today to grab the last 3 caches we haven't found out here. This one is new since our last excursion. We spotted the location from back a ways but stealth was required because of a rather large family picnic being organized in the pavilion. No problem, I'm sure they see grey haired folks playing on the merry-go-round all the time. We took nothing, just signed the log and left our card and a glass heart. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 8/10/2008 You found Get your Yia Yia's Out (Traditional Cache)
We were out here a couple of weeks ago and tried to have our grandson help his Yia Yia find this one but we were too timid in our route selection. Back home we consulted the Topo and spotted the right road. Sadly, he had to go back to Florida before we could make a return trip. This is a GREAT cache location! It is now one of our all time favorites. We have explored the Peninsula many times over the years but had never found this spot before. We will show it to the Worlds Greatest Grandson next summer.
There is a story that goes with this spot. In 1997, Steven Lewis was visiting his father-in-law, local historian Walter Johnson who brought him to the cemetery. While showing him the monument to George Parmelee, told of a young 22 year old woman named Julia Curtis who, in the spring of 1895, was discovered dead in a hemlock swamp near East Bay. Woodruff Parmelee, George's son was tried and, despite having an alibi, was convicted of her murder. This story is the basis of Lewis's book "Murder on Old Mission". It is a fun read. Thank you for bringing us here, we never would have found it on our own.

Found it 8/10/2008 You found Farmer's Cache (Multi-cache)
We had enough time for a multi today and since this was the last unfound cache on the Peninsula for us we went for it. Some shortcuts were involved and considerable bushwacking so as to keep our foot travel to a minimum. We enjoyed the stops and the final location. The piece of equipment is a hay loader. After the hay was cut by a team pulling a sickle bar mower, the field was gone over a second time with a device that raked it up into windrows to dry. Once the hay was dry, yet a third trip was needed. The hay loader was attached to a wagon and the team pulled it down the row. The hay went up the loader and into the wagon where the farmer had to use a pitch fork to distribute the hay evenly until the wagon was full. At that point, the loader was unhitched and the wagon was taken to the barn where the farmer had to unload it by hand into the mows.
The tractor and bailer combined these jobs into one step so this piece of equipment was no longer needed. The fact that it is sitting here tells us that this was a farm field many years ago. We signed the log and left all that is left of some Happy Meal. Thanks Squidriggins for all the caches you have placed out here.

We had a great lunch at the Peninsula Grill - what a nice day. What a nice weekend!