Monday, January 14, 2013

Tennis Tryouts

Went to Treasure Coast Mall to do some walking, and stayed for lunch at the food court.  I had Asia Chao, and Dick had Sbarro.  It was good, but guess what?  I like the Grand Traverse Mall better!  I think I'm a real homer.

 After lunch, we did some caching on the way to Laurie's.

Didn't find it 01/14/2013 You couldn't find Where the Wild Things Are Visit Log
We were trying to cache using only our iPad. Just not good enough to work it today. The arrow put us in the middle of the drive, we don't have the skill to load butterdish's cords. 

Found it 01/14/2013 You found Butterflies Of Hoke Library Visit Log
Caching with an iPad - the adventure continues! After strolling the mall and logging a DNF, we decided this looked doable. The kids gave me an iPad for Christmas and helped us download the Geocaching app. We have tried it a few times but when push came to shove, I grabbed the trusty Garmin for the final search. Today I was bound and determined to make the find using only the new gadget. From the car I was a couple of hundred feet off. Walked the line and watched the thing count down to about 140 and - - freeze.
Shake it, shut it down, still 140 feet. I pushed into the brush, poked about, checked the thing again and suddenly it worked. Followed the arrow and scored the cache. No trackables found, took nothing and left our pen and a little stamper. Went back to the car and attempted to log from the field but that is another learning curve. Thanks for the find, it's our number 3500. 

After school today at South Fork High School, Dylan will be going to tryouts for the tennis team.  He's a little nervous about how he will do because of his injuries from the fall yesterday, and also because he's still not feeling 100%.   I went with Laurie to pick him up at 5:00 after tryouts.  He was in a really good mood - everything had gone well, and he learned that he and his friend Taylor are among the best on the team even though they are freshman.  Dylan won two matches 6-0, and lost to Taylor 6-3.  He has a good feeling about it.  There will be tryouts Tu-Wed-Thurs  this week after school.