Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cherry Festival 2008

We did it up brown this year. Of course it's because Dylan is here :)

The Gillespies checked out the bouncy thing and the midway rides on their own in the middle of the week.

On Friday, Dick worked at the Visitor Center and we all met there to say Hi to Kathee. Dylan got lucky and was in time to be chosen to make a cherry pie at the GT Pie Booth. It was fun watching him make his pie and eat raw pie crust!

While waiting for the pie to bake, he did the bouncy thing again - he couldn't actually make it do a front flip, so he ended up doing a belly flopper 20 feet up in the air!

After stashing the hot pie safely in the truck, we hit the Midway. Dylan chose three rides to go on - two with Chip and one with Laurie. He couldn't pick a favorite because they were all equally fun.

Saturday, of course was the Grand Finale - The Cherry Royale Parade. We got a great viewing spot right in front of Bubba's and we ate breakfast at Bubba's first. The Gillespies went for a walk around town, Dick went to the staging area to march in the parade, and I guarded the chairs and the cooler. The weather turned out to be perfect for the parade despite dire forecasts about rain - those people are always wrong!

Dick and the other Visitor Center Volunteers marched in the first Unit with the Cherry Festival Ambassadors. He had his camera and he did a great job of picture taking. This one is Miss America and various other Queens before the parade bagan:

The Kingsley Jazz Band - we're very impressed with the Kinglsey band program :)

Along the parade route, Dick found a niece, a couple of grand-nieces, a grand-nephew, and even a couple of great-grand nieces!!

Mom's house was really done up for the festivities! It's nice to see it in a Festival mood!

The Michigan State alums always have a really nice unit in the parade, and this year the University of Michigan had a unit too - they did a good job - playing and singing U of M songs - very enjoyable in my opinion!

Dick called and said he was finished marching while we were watching unit number 36! He walked back over and sat with us to see the end. I haven't enjoyed a parade this much in a long time.