Saturday, March 08, 2014

A Great Florida Saturday

Our Florida days are so beautiful !  This is another perfect day - blue skies, nice moderate temperature, lots of sunshine - couldn't ask for anything better!

The three of us went over to Halpatiokee to maintain the Picnic with Grandma cache.  Somebody had posted that there were no goodies left in it.  It was a great morning for a walk down the path, and the cache was easily found.  Lots of picnics going on today - every pavilion was occupied, and we saw lots of equipment being unloaded.  It's such a great park - it was great to see it being so well used.

Found it 03/08/2014You found Halpatiokee Kids' Kache - DinosaursVisit Log
One of the items on our joint "to do" list with the Sharkie Crew was to check out their cache in Halpatiokee. After restocking "A Picnic with Grandma", (AKA Mrs Bend) Mrs Sharkie joined us in grabbing a couple of easy, bushwack-free caches in the park. Cache was found out in plain sight so we signed the log and replaced it in the same site but added some camo. TFTC 
Found it 03/08/2014You found Halpatiokee Kids' Kache - Creepy CrawliesVisit Log
We came down to the park today with Sharkie Crew to check and restock "A Picnic with Grandma". Since we were here, we decided to grab a couple of the Kids Kaches. This cache is in good condition, Signed log and replaced as found. TFTC

Then we were off to Tradition to do some shopping.  Batteries for the smoke detectors, shoes for Dick, and hooray - birthday presents for me!  We bought an air pop popcorn popper and an electic teakettle.  Now Florida is even etter equipped than T.C. :)

Hunger set in, and we had dinner at Olive Garden - they said it would be a 25 minute wait.  In actuality, it was less than 10 minutes - our lucky day.

On the way to South Fork to Pick up Dylan, we stopped at a cache in an unusual place.  It was right off of Pratt Whitney Road, and yet it seemed very remote somehow.  It was like two tracking in the U.P. after a heavy rain!  Anyhow, the cache was found, and it's a unique memory.

Found it 03/08/2014You found  Hide AwayVisit Log
We were on our way to South Fork HS with Sharkie Crew to pick up Zoroan from tennis practice. We were a little early and we have found a number of the caches down this road so we decided to attempt to add this one to our list. We noticed that no finds were logged since late last fall but no DNF's either. Although we are used to caches being left alone because of snow depth, we are certain that was not the case here. Drove right up to GZ, made the find, signed the log and replaced as found. TFTC
Laurie's picture of Hide Away.  She claims that Basswood Bend is in there somewhere :)