Saturday, January 12, 2013

Must Cache

Our next caching goal is to log a find on every calendar day.  We had never logged one on any January 12, so the search was on!

 Dick really wanted to go with Laurie and Dylan and kayak to Treasure Island on the South Fork of the St. Lucie River near Halpatiokee Park.

We checked with  South River Outfitters on Lost River Rd. in Stuart, and the times and days just didn't fit our schedules, so we bagged that idea and went looking for another one.

This cache was by the Phipps Park boat launch:

 01/12/2013    You found  Three Big Oaks         Visit Log
We needed a find on 1/12 and we knew this was an ammo can in the woods, our favorite kind of hide. Pulled up, slipped on the wind pants and quickly made the find. Took nothing but some trash on the way back to the car, (as well was the usual load of burrs and stick tights) left our card and flashlight. Thanks for placing a "real" cache for us to find and fill in this gap on our calendar.

After that, we watched much much football at Laurie's, and Laurie and I made Hot and Spicy Pork
for dinner.  Chip is at work.