Friday, November 21, 2008

Visitor Center Christmas Party

Having Dick be one of the volunteers at the Visitor Center is so great because every year we are treated to the best Christmas party ever. This year it was held at the Hagerty Center right in the midddle of the Festival of Trees. A silent auction was part of the Trees event, so there were tables and tables full of all kinds of Christmas items. To be honest, it was a touch of over-doing Christmas even before Thanksgiving, but it did make the party very festive.

The brightness outside the windows is caused by a blinding snowstorm!

The food was fabulous, and our table was varied and interesting - Pete and Karen, Chuck and Carol, the Locks, and us. The conversation flowed from the Peace Corps, how there are too many environmentalists in the Grand Traverse Area (!), new buildings and homes in Traverse City, how the West End Beach is a mess and needs to be cleaned up, the miserable Michigan football season, trips south for the winter, and the doings of children and grandchildren. I also had a chance to talk to Nancy and Don, Kay, Phyllis, and Kathee.

It was a lovely party, and a great kick-off for the holiday season.

In preparation for our trip to Florida we are packing suitcases, washing clothes and sheets, making lists, organizing our medications, making lists of our lists, cleaning out the car, planning how to pack the car, loading maps into the Nuvi, and re-packing suitcases. It seems impossible now, but we'll be ready to leave on Monday morning.