Friday, October 16, 2009

Belleville, Kansas

Our motel in Bartlesville:

The Bartlesville water department has a sense of humor!

Nuvi took us on some less-traveled roads north out of Bartlesville and into Kansas. Our day was spent driving through Kansas.

I was expecting flat land and waving fields of wheat, but it's not like that at all. We saw tons of pasture land filled with contented herds of cattle, and even some feed lots jammed with much less contented cattle. It makes no sense to me to pen them up in feed lots when there is pasture land all around. Instead of wheat, we saw field after field of grain sorghum (also called milo), corn and sunflowers. Kansas appears to be a highly agricultural State!

Traffic was light and we made good time. The sky was blue, the clouds were wispy, and it was a perfect day for a drive. We had lunch in Concordia at Heavy's, Home of the Baby Huey Barbecue.

Dick spotted the smoker first, which is like a beacon to him that calls out "eat here, eat here"! Our waitress was a local gal who identified the milo for us, because we didn't have a clue.

Our destination was Belleville, Kansas, which was chosen for obvious reasons...

It seems to be slightly larger than our Belleville, but it also appears to be much less sophisticated. (I never thought I'd be referring to Belleville, Michigan as sophisticated...oh well, everything is relative.)
Dick discovered that their high school mascot is Buffalos, not Tigers.

Since we arrived at the Super 8 relatively early, we decided to hop up to the border of Nebraska and find a couple of caches there so that we wouldn't have to stop and do it in the morning.

We found the Buckley Creek Recreation Area - the most memorable feature was the mud.

We had dinner back in Belleville at the Pizza Hut - yummy.

Found it

10/16/2009 You found North Buckley (Traditional Cache)

After hiking half way across the dam, I spotted the camping facilities and gave myself a mental dope slap. There has to be a way to drive in!! After some exploring, we found the correct route and drove in. Signed the log and left our card then exchanged high fives for adding Nebraska to our list. Now on to Iowa.

Found it 10/16/2009 You found South Buckley (Traditional Cache)

We are over 2000 miles into our current Geoquest. A quick dash over the border brought us here for these caches. Signed the log, left our card and launched our Nebraska coin. Five states down, one to go.

Found it 10/16/2009 You found RCHS Museum (Traditional Cache)

Today was our first day in Kansas, we found some other caches earlier but wanted to leave our coin here. We lived, taught and raised our three kids in Belleville Mi. and made a special effort to start the journeys of our Kansas coin here. Thanks for providing us the perfect place. Signed the log, left our card and our coin.

Found it 10/16/2009 You found Kansas POW Camp (Virtual Cache)

Found today, our first day of caching in Kansas. There was a POW camp in Michigan's UP also. Bad as they might be, I'll bet the winters here were better.

Found it 10/16/2009 You found Hood Park (Traditional Cache)

Very neat little park. we notice they are redoing the ball diamond. We could have dropped our coin here but we want to wait 'till Belleville. Signed the log and left our card. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 10/16/2009 You found Cloud County Museum (Traditional Cache)

We have logged over 2000 miles on our trip so far and after a great lunch break across the street at Heavy's we came over and snagged our first Kansas cache. Thanks for the fun.