Saturday, October 09, 2010

Tom is Here!

We picked up Tom at Metro last night, and it was such fun to have him here this morning. We had a chance to catch up with his plans for the week. He's heading to Boston Sunday morning to visit Peter and Laura and their newly adopted Chinese baby Audrey (Ji-Ji). Well, she's not really a baby - she's three years old. Those adoptions take a long time, it seems.

Then he's going to be spending the week in Boston going to see Amanda Palmer in Cabaret - it sounds like he's planning to see it three times! Jana will join him on Friday or Saturday to see Cabaret with Tom and Peter.

There was a football game this afternoon. It was a designated "Maize Out".

During the National Anthem, a parachutist from the 101st Airborne landed on the field with the game ball. It was very impressive and so compelling that everyone forgot to sing the National Anthem!

We were both thrilled to have Tom with us at the game - sorry that it wasn't much of a treat for him. We're happy in these pictures because the game hasn't started yet!

The first half was better than I expected, actually. The second half was just exactly what I expected - oh dear. We're not happy with the coach, of course. And of course we're not happy with Michigan's defense. Our disappointment remains beyond description.

We're committed to the "be true to your school" philosophy - we love our alma mater and the football team even though we don't love the coach. To remind ourselves why we're so loyal, Dick photographed our brick at the Stadium and Main entrance to the Stadium. Four Generations of Maize and Blue Faithful:

The Sad Finale

Back to the apartment for pizza, rehash, and more football on TV!