Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Memories of today: road construction of all sorts -

closed ramps to the interstate right where you need to go,

cold rain,

torn up bridges,

two lane traffic on a six lane highway because the other side was all torn up,

huge piles of dirt,

heavy splashing and mist,

piles of broken concrete,

deluge of rain so loud we couldn't hear the CD,

a truck stopped dead in the right lane with no flares, cones, or orange triangles,

more kinds of construction equipment than you can shake a stick at,

more rain, hard rain,

and miles and miles of orange barrels.

Now, picture all of this in a driving, pelting, heavy rain.

Picture 18 wheelers splashing and kicking up mist, while still going 70 mph.

Picture drivers speeding through this veritable fog of rain and mist with no lights on, and not signaling lane changes.

Thank goodness for Nuvi and for Dick, the demon driver!

Did you know:

1. To get from Indianapolis to Memphis you go through Illinois, Missouri, and Arkansas before you get to Tennessee? (The Nuvi route)

2. On that route, you cross the Mississippi River twice?

3. That there are fields and fields of cotton in southern Missouri? It looked to me that the cotton was ready to be picked - although it was hard to see anything clearly through the downpour.

4. That there is a town in Missouri named Braggadocio?

5. That Tops BBQ, ("The Best BBQ in Memphis Since 1952") is NOT the best BBQ in Memphis?

We could barely see the welcoming Comfort Inn sign...