Friday, January 04, 2008


This is the entrance to the Summerfield community - there were beautiful Christmas lights all around the entrance area.
Please note that the entrance gate is closed, but he exit gate on the other side stands wide open. Anybody could easily drive over there and enter without a code.
Here's our place - 6900 Warwick Lane - with Subie in the garage.
The backyard has its own grapefruit tree - we haven't tried it yet.
We have a long list of complaints about our place (and I don't think we're particularly picky, either!) Let's see - off the top of my head...ants, spiders, dirty and dusty bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, ants in microwave, food particles in microwave, no internet upon arrival, broken sink in 2nd bathroom, broken floor mop, defective dishwasher, and if I thought longer I could come up with more.

This is the first time that this elderly lady has rented out this place - I think there should have been more oversight by the real estate agent before it was approved for rental. We're basically happy because we're only 10 minutes away from Laurie and we spend a lot of time over there, but let's just say that it could be better.