Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Dear Old Dad

In 2014, here is what some Dads (like Dick) want to do on Father's Day :)

Found it 06/15/2014 You found Summer Fun Visit Log
This cache has the perfect name. Maybe technically it's not summer yet but today was a very summery afternoon. We were out on an excursion to once more enjoy the drive down M22 and spend this Father's Day starting our twelfth year of geocaching. I made this much more of an adventure than it needed to be by parking at the beginning of the trail on 4th Street. After going up the trail along the pretty little creek, I got to within 95 feet of the cache but it was straight up the hill. I went back to the cachemobile and drove back to Prospect as the better half had told me to do in the first place. From there we made the find, signed the log, and replaced as found. This one earns a favorite from us because, of the ten we found today, this was the only one we would call "A Real Cache". Thanks for placing it.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found The Rock Shelf   Visit Log
What better way to spend Father's Day than go caching. We found our first cache on Father's Day 2003. We wanted to come down 22 to Manistee today. This town has a lot of memories for us, from high school sports in the 50's, to visiting friends who were Doctors here in the 80's and 90's. We pulled over to take a phone call from our son in San Diego and noticed this cache on our Nuvi. The cache was found but the process was a serious challenge to my agility level. Signed the log and replaced just in time to avoid some muggles on the path, a young fellow, his dad and grandpa. Thanks for adding to our fun today.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Dixie's Cache Visit Log
Another fantastic Father's Day. This is my 53rd one where I was the daddy. Time sure flies when you're having fun. A card I received this morning says,
"Ever notice , the older we get, the more we're like Computers?
We start out with lots of memory and drive, then we eventually become outdated, crash at odd moments, acquire errors in our systems, and have to have our parts replaced."
We pulled up to this one and, as I was fiddling with the iPad, the wise one, still sitting in the car, said "There it is. No, over there" She signed the log and I put it back.
Thanks for your effort in placing and maintaining these caches Red Hat Grandma, I hope you realise how much fun you have added to our afternoon today.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Park Play Time Visit Log
This stop just added to our fun on today's caching excursion down 22. This marks the beginning of our 12th year with this activity. Thanks for showing this cute little park to us.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Trekking to the TT Ate - Baldy Trailhead Visit Log
After a great lunch of smoked ribs and quesadilla at Dinghy's in Frankfort, we spent the afternoon cruising M 22 and seeking a few caches along the route. This marks the start of our twelfth year with this addiction. We pulled in and I began my search. I was called back by the micro maven and she pointed out to me what I was missing. She signed the log, I put it back. Thanks for the fun.
Didn't find it 06/15/2014 You couldn't find Trekking to the TT Ate - Used to be a Lookout Visit Log
Darn! Our second DNF on our excursion today.We did find an upholstered living room chair at GZ. With all the other DNF's and logs indicating damage and dampness, the owner might want to check this one out.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found CAP-CAP INVASION -- CREEPY Visit Log
We were out on a caching expedition today to celebrate the start our 12th year of chasing down Tupperware and ammo cans. We pulled in and discovered that the muggles, mosquitoes, as well as spiders are all out in force on this Father's Day. We waited out the muggles, swatted and sprayed the mosquitoes, and carefully moved the spiders out of our way. Signed the log and put everything back as it had been when we found it. Thanks for adding to our fun on this beautiful northern Michigan June afternoon.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Judy's Cache Visit Log
The ribs were great and Frankfort is a neat little town to visit. After checking out the lake and the stores, we continued on down M 22 toward Manistee and this fellow popped up on our Nuvi. We made the find and signed the log. Then we put it back as found. We didn't explore the area because that wasn't on our todo list for this Father's Day. Thanks for the caches we found today RHG.
Found it 06/15/2014 You found Frankfort Needs Another Cache! Visit Log
After receiving a hand held Magellan GPS for Christmas in 2002, we read an article about something called Geocaching and on Father's Day, June 15, 2003 we gave it a try. We were hooked. There is no better way to celebrate the day than to have smoked ribs at Dinghy's, drive M22, and snag a few caches. Thanks for placing this one RedHat, it wasn't the last of yours that we found today.
Didn't find it 06/15/2014 You couldn't find May the 4th Be With You! Visit Log
We found our first cache on Father's Day, June 15th 2003. That means that we are starting out 12th year. We did not want to start the day with a DNF but we did. Even the micro maven was blanked by this one