Sunday, August 25, 2013


Nobody came to our Open House.

We do have a really clean house now, though :)

It's a bummer for us, of course, but as Scarlett said - "Tomorrow is another day".

Open House

888 E. River Road will be open to the public from noon to three this afternoon.  This has me a little worried, thinking of strangers walking around the house looking into closets, etc.  On the other hand, we do want people to come and check it out and maybe get interested!

We've never done this before.  We just hope that we've done everything we could to prepare for this event.  The saddest thing would be if no one even came to look at our house.  It has taken quite a bit of preparation, and we would really like to have somebody take an interest in it.

We don't actually know much about what's involved - I've heard from several sources that:

1.  All of the lights in the house should be turned on.
2. We should not be here during the hours of the Open House.
3.  The house should be "staged" to look its absolute best.

Number 3 is the one that has me worried.  I know nothing abou how to "stage" my house.  Anyway, most of our decorative item have been packed in boxes all ready to be moved.  So I guess we just make do with what we have left, which is not a lot!

Want to buy a riverside home?  Please?

Wed. - Lunch with Dick and Linda;

Thurs. - gym, clean house, mail ebay orders;
Fri - physical exam, organize house;
Sat. - more house cleaning, errands, meet and greet;
Sun. - Open House with realtor from 12 to 3.
A busy life, a busy week...anybody want to buy a house on the river?