Friday, February 07, 2014

No Misses

Almost missed an appointment at the cancer center for a blood draw.  I called them about something else, and they said come in right away, don't wait - you're late!  Oh no!  I checked the calendar and there it was, so we hurried over there.  They were very nice about the whole thing - not a problem I guess.  Anyway, whew!

The "something else" I called about was patient itineraries faxed from U Hospital for my procedure next week.  Since we're flying to T.C. Monday, we needed to pick them up today.  Hooray - they had been faxed and received, which is sometimes a problem for this office.

Then we went shopping for Laurie's B-day at Best Buy :)

Found it 02/07/2014 You found Where Caching is a Pleasure #109   Visit Log
2/7/14, we just noticed that 2x7=14
This is the first cache we've found on Feb. 7th in over 10 years of caching. It's great to find one so winter friendly. This time of year it's common for the snow to be plowed up a couple of feet over the tops of the skirt lifters. A terrain 2 often becomes a 5. Oh right, that's up in Michigan where the wind chill is well below 0 and the total snow fall was 150 inches at the end of January. I guess that's why we had 8 dates with no finds in February and also why we bought a place in Palm City. We've got about 20 years together on you two. We hope your future holds as much fun and enjoyment as we have had in our lives.
Signed log and replaced as found. TFTC