Monday, April 29, 2013

Farewell Piqua

Ohio is just plain not our favorite State in the Union.  Sooner or later, when we travel, we have to stop over in Ohio.  On the way down to Florida we stopped near Lima, and now on the way home, we stayed in Piqua.  We picked this motel because it's connected to a mall.  We stayed here once on the way down to Florida at Christmastime, and we really enjoyed it.  The motel and the mall were beautifully decorated for the season, and there were lots of people around.

In April, not so much.  The mall was almost totally empty.  We walked around just to see what was there.  They have Penney's and Sears, and something called Elder-Beerman.  And shoe stores - lots of shoe stores. 

The mall echoed with our footsteps - there was hardly anybody around.  We got coffee in the food court and sat down to people-watch.  It was really more of a hall-watch.  We did see about 5 others in the area and that's it.

We went geocaching, and had rotten luck.  More DNFs than finds.  So farewell, Ohio.  We love to leave you.

Found it 04/29/2013You found Cat Toy Exchange Visit Log
Stopped for the night on our way back home. This is a fun cache! Took nothing, left our card and flashlight. Thanks for the fun.
Found it 04/29/2013You found Clowning Around With Diamond Visit Log
Stopped for the night on our way back to God's Country. TFTS

Sunday, April 28, 2013


We ate dinner at Famous Dave's (Home of the Big Slab).  Our waitress was Famous Emily - a cute introduction :)  The food was good, but Famous Emily seated us in a back room, sort of all by ourselves.  We really like to be able to see the other diners - you know, the people watching thing.
We had a good time anyway, and Emily was fun.
Found it 04/28/2013You found Chewin' a cud Visit Log
We thought there would be a plaque explaining the bull but drew a blank. The restaurant was not open at 6PM on a Sunday, maybe it's out of business. We went to the rib joint instead - good food.
The log is too wet to sign. We used a scrap of note paper. Thanks for the cache but the log should be replaced.
Found it 04/28/2013You found Out Back - A Tribute to Wascalley Wabbit's 1K Visit Log
Just passing through on our way back to the Northland. We have a cute little TB that wants to visit. We would have had dinner here but wanted ribs. TFTC.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Quail Meadow, Palm City, Florida


These pictures were taken too early in the morning, by a very, very amateur photographer, with an iPhone.

Our front door

My bedroom with bed and nightstand

My "tropical" dresser and great mirror

The loverly leather sofa and loveseat

TV and coffee table - only slightly blurry, and the superfine console

Our rattan seating area - so comfy

Dining area - love this table and chairs

View out the back - the big tree is a carrotwood tree - an invasive plant not native to Florida, but it's not doing any harm in our backyard

We were only there for 5 days, but we're totally in love with it, and we'll be back in the fall.  Still plenty of work to do, but lots of time to do it :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thank you Laurie and Chip !!

Laurie and Chip have painted, cleaned, strippped walls, shopped, shopped, inspected and shopped.  They have really worked their buns off, and here are the results!  Thanks, L&C.

Ours is Unit E, behind the three palms.  You can see our car parked in front of the garage,  Don't you love the palm trees?

The great, great room :)

Seating area, looking out at the sand trap on the third hole.

Dining, anyone?

Kitchen of the South - it has everything we need

Dick's bedroom

Dick's bedroom again

Bathroom - rather obvious

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

National Runner Up + National Player of the Year


Not in the Cards: Men's Basketball Unable to Complete NCAA Title Run

4/8/2013 -

Spike Albrecht scored 17 in the first half to help U-M lead by as much as 11, but Louisville came back to take the 82-76 victory, forcing the Wolverines to settle for national runner-up.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Dick Wrote This Blog :)

Premium Member

  Found it 04/07/2013

We stayed up late last night watching our guys send Syracuse home from Atlanta.  (You know, the NCAA Final Four...)

 We were both pretty keyed up after watching The Blue come through so sleep was hard to come by and this morning we were both pretty groggy. (Are we getting too old for this? Why is it that the last five minutes of the game always seem to take an hour?)

The weather this morning when we finally got up was a nasty mix of rain and snow, cold and damp. Good day to sit by the fireplace with the lap tops and read the sports pages. When the weather finally cleared, cabin fever set in and I decided to celebrate last night's Wolverine victory by looking for this nearby cache.

I approached GZ and spotted a likely hiding spot, a large dead oak with a good sized opening in it facing away from the trail. The perfect northern Michigan hiding spot, maybe large enough for an ammo can. I walked up to it and, before reaching down in to feel for the cache, I took a peek to see if I could spot it.

WHOA!!! It looked back at me. Rocky lives there. Cute little face. I thought to take his picture but the noise he was making did not sound friendly and I was not wearing gloves. I backed off and waited to see if he would pop his head up and pose but he stayed hunkered down in his lair.

The cache was spotted less than 10 feet away. Signed the log and decided to let the raccoon do the dance. Thanks for the adventure! This is not one I'll forget. Maybe the next to find can get a picture of him.

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Final Four


We stayed up until the last click of the game clock (yawn..)  So excited. Couldn't sleep!  I think it was 2:15 a.m. when I turned off the light.  I told Dick we're too old to play championship basketball :)  My neck was really stiff the next morning - I know it was caused by the tension of the game!


Michigan Downs Syracuse, Will Play for National Championship

April 6, 2013

Site: Atlanta, Ga. (Georgia Dome)
Event: NCAA Tournament (National Semifinal)

Score: #10 Michigan 61, #16 Syracuse 56

Records: U-M (31-7), Syracuse (30-10)
Next U-M Event: Monday, April 8 -- vs. Louisville in NCAA Championship Game (Atlanta, Ga.), 9:23 p.m. (TV: CBS)

ATLANTA, Ga. -- Making its first NCAA Final Four appearance in 20 years, the University of Michigan men's basketball team received a big lift from its bench in defeating Syracuse, 61-56, in the national semifinal round Saturday (April 6) before a crowd of 75,350 at the Georgia Dome. The Wolverines (31-7) will play No. 1 overall seed Louisville (34-5) in the national championship game Monday (April 8) at 9:23 p.m. on CBS.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Mom in 1914

My cousin Rick has unearthed another historic picture.  This one was taken in 1914, at the 92nd Street house in Grand Rapids.  I have to admit that I never knew about the 92nd Street house.

It's fun for me to see Aunt Jessie and Uncle Arthur Weitz - they were my favorites.

 Just think, this photo is almost 100 years old!

We think Mother is on the left in front (age 6).  Grandma Geib (Mary Blanche Rice Geib) is holding the hand of baby Cas (age 2).  The older child in front is Mom's oldest sister Dorothy (we think).  Dorothy later died in childbirth.  Grandpa Geib (Fred Peter Geib) is the farthest right.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring Break in London

Last year, Japan - this year, London.  In Japan, it was just Laurie and Dylan.  This year, Chip was able to go too.  Their Spring Breaks are very international.  It's funny, because everyone else goes to Florida for Spring Break!

Chip and Dylan admiring this Ram in a Thicket at the British Museum.  This was Dylan's favorite .
From From Ur, southern Iraq, about 2600-2400 BC

Our guys in front of Windsor Castle!

An 800 pound egg at Harrod's.  It didn't weigh 800 pounds, it costs 800 pounds!  That's about $1200 American!  We figure that it must be hollow, or else it might actually weigh 800 pounds...

Changing the Horse Guard at Buckingham Palace.  Evidently one of the horses didn't really want to be there on this day - he just kind of ran around in circles, while the other horses stayed very calm and carried on :)

Dylan in Westminster Abbey, standing by what is billed as Britain's Oldest Door.

Laurie was delighted with the Hobnobs.  Dylan thought they were just some sort of cracker, and he wasn't very impressed!

Overall, Dylan said his favorite thing was the Tower of London.  I'm glad they had a chance to go there and see the Crown Jewels.

They also took a day trip out west to Stonehenge and Bath, but the weather was cold, windy and rainy, and so it wasn't as enjoyable as it should have been.