Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Three-Dimensional Day

It was a three-dimensional day because we split up. I wasn't feeling so very well, so I stayed at the hotel. Jana was over-tired, so she stayed home. Meanwhile, Laurie, Dick and Dylan went to town. They walked the Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the Washington Monument. The temperature was 92 degrees, so at that point, Dick opted to rest over by the Natural History Museum, and Laurie and Dylan kept walking over to the Capitol Building.

First of all, by the Market Square Parking Garage, Dick and Dylan found a virtual cache at the Navy Memorial. Here they are with the Lone Sailor.

The starting point at the Lincoln Memorial:

At the Viet Nam Memorial, Dick found Bob Petrimoulx's name on the Wall. Bob was a student of Dick's at BHS.

At the Korean War Memorial - Dick is trying to be the same height as Dylan:

Dylan takes a break and talks to his Dad on the phone.

The World War II Memorial is relatively new. It has a column 17 feet tall for each State and for possessions.

I think this central fountain is absolutely beautiful. You're not supposed to wade in it or throw coins in it - but on this super hot day, many people couldn't resist the temptation to cool their heels!

I was shocked when I saw this picture because I though someone had vandalized the Memorial. But Dick said it was engraved into the stone. Kilroy was such an integral part of the 1940's, especially during the war - so it's really fitting. GI's drew that image all over the world.

On the way to the museum, y ou walk through a sculpture garden - this is a sculpture of a typewriter eraser!

PART TWO: Not so much fun.

Back at the hotel I was resting and trying to feel better. At 12:50 I got a phone call from the front desk. Bear in mind that Dick had reserved our two rooms until April 7th, tomorrow. This is how it went:

Check out time is 12 o'clock. Bring your things down to the desk and check out. The hotel is full and we need your room.


There is no umm - get down here and check out.

Well I assume...

Do not assume. We need your room. Move your things now and check out.

What about our family in the other room?

What other room?

307, the room next door. We have reserved both rooms.

Just hold on a minute... (pause) That room checks out tomorrow. You check out today. Just a minute... (pause)...OK I'll give you an extension and I hope it works.
Wow. She hopes it works? Cheesh. So I sat down on the bed to try to relax, and turned on the TV.
At about 1:15, the door to my room opened, and there was a Mom and two little girls who were very shocked to see me. "305? This is supposed to be our room! " I said, " I'll call the front desk." She said, "No, I'm going back down there."
I called Jana to tell her about it - she said that the hotel should really comp our room after all of that. (It didn't happen.)
Laurie was having phone trouble - no one could reach her. She and Dylan were at the Capitol and they didn't know where Dad was. Dick called to say that he was waiting at the Natural History Museum and couldn't reach Laurie. I no sooner hung up than Laurie called so I could help them connect with each other. Everybody was tired and hot, and they decided to come back to the hotel even though it was just 3 p.m.
When they got here, Dick's key wouldn't work in our door. I told them the story of my afternoon. Dick went to the car and got the reservation papers and showed them at the front desk and got a new key.
Whew. It was a little nerve-wracking, but all's well that ends well! We all rested until dinner time.
I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened to our things if I hadn't stayed in the room today...
Jana drove over to meet us and we went to the American Cafe at the Landmark Mall for our Farewell Dinner.