Tuesday, July 19, 2011


First of all, Dick and I had a good day at the gym - always a good thing.

While we were "gyming", Laurie, Chip, Dylan and Tom went biking on the Muncie Lakes trails. Their report was that the Muncie trails are much harder than the Vasa trails.

After we were all clean and shiny, we went over to Alden for lunch at The Dockside Restaurant. Laurie had arranged to meet her Belleville High School friend Kathy, who is up here for a wedding. She lives in St. Charles, Missouri. There were 12 of us all together, and we had tables in the shade - it was a hot day - and it was very much fun to meet the rest of Kathy's family. We had a really good time.

Laurie and Kathy

Kathy's sister Jackie and husband Jim goofing around in the background.

Lue's plank is still on the dock.

Dockside's food is really so, so good!

Very few days give you the opportunity to do all of your favorite things! This was one of those days!

Back in town, Laurie, Dylan, Tom and I went to see Harry Potter. It was good, good, good. We all had different favorite parts. Some thought that the escape on the flying dragon was the best. Personally, I thought that Harry saving Draco from the fire was the absolutely best part, and I also loved the epilogue 19 years later very, very much indeed.