Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Cache, Munson, Futbol

Dick began his day with a fun walk and a challenging cache.  He really got his exercise!
Found it 07/01/2014 You found Candy Cane Visit Log
When this cache popped up it was the closest to our home. I waited for someone to grab the FTF (another long story) and put it on the schedule. When we first retired, we walked these trails 2 - 3 times a week for anywhere from 2 - 4 miles. Sometimes we came together, sometimes I came solo. When we got into caching back in '03 it expanded our horizons and took us to other trail systems and places, some, that even as Traverse City natives, we had never before visited. As time passed and the hair got whiter, we find that caching is something that we do between Dr. appointments and for us to team up, the cache must be along a paved trail with a pick up spot within a quarter mile.
Today's appointment is in the afternoon and so, leaving the better half curled up with her lap top, the Yellow Jeep and I drove up to get this cache. When I pulled into the parking lot, we were .3 of a mile from GZ. The morning's too nice, I need more of a walk than that! So The Jeep went on to the furthest lot, now we'll get in a good walk. Boy did I ever! Closed in to where the countdown was in feet, got down to 176 and then started back up. I realised that at the junction, I had taken the wrong path. No problem, I remembered that if I continued on toward the dam the trail the cache is on joins up with the one I was on and I wanted a good walk. I wound up a little over 1/2 mile past with a quarter mile climb up to level ground.
Got to GZ and thanks to Churinga, spotted the location, signed the log and replaced as found.
Thanks McPatt and Marebare for placing this cache and giving us another tale to tell. Hope to see you at one of our Meet and Greets. The next one CG57T9H is at another neat trail system with some fun caches.
In the afternoon we made another trip to Munson for the seventh paracentesis.  Could #7 be the lucky one?  That would be sweet!  Today the ultrasound techs were Cory and Jackie, and the doctor was Patrick Gartland.  He was excellent and did a marvelous job.  I actually didn't feel a thing - a totally pain free procedure.  Hooray!  My job was to try to relax - easier said than done!  5.2 liters.

Where shall we put the needle this time?

Now watching  FIFA - U.S. v Belgium.  Go Blue.  Oh wait....  wrong cheer :)