Friday, August 16, 2013

Day Tripper

On a gorgeous Friday morning, we headed down M37 to do some caching around Manistee.  Haven't been down this road in a coon's age.  It really hasn't changed much - not much development going on around these parts.  The forest is dense and lush, and it makes for a beautiful, relaxing drive.

The new Douglas Park on Lake Michigan right in the town of Manistee is a well planned, fresh new facility.  It's right on the shore, of course - with a sugar sand beach.  There's a terrific playground for kids, great picnic opportunities, brand new bathrooms - just an A-1 place to visit.  Today the Lake was smooth and deep blue - such great scenery.

We had lunch at The House of Flavors - an old favorite.  I wish we had one in T.C., but they're just in Ludington and Manistee.

We got the cache for today - number 16 for a few more :)

Found it 08/16/2013You found Treasures of Frankfort #7 Visit Log
This was our second find in town and our last of the day as we were getting tired and decided to just head straight home. Thanks for the cache.
Found it 08/16/2013You found Treasures of Frankfort #6 Visit Log
We drove over today to view the Lake and harbor. We couldn't resist grabbing a couple of caches while in town. Made the find, signed the log and replaced as found.
Found it 08/16/2013You found Turkey Trot Series 9 - On a Seasonal Road Visit Log
We are on a driving tour "Down Memory Lane". Down 37 and back up 22 with a break for the occasional cache. We haven't been able to catch the Turkey Trot event the past few years because of scheduling conflicts so it was fun for us to combine our love for the back roads with the grab of this cache. Made the find, signed the log and traded our flashlight for a small hand sanitizer. Thanks for the fun.
Didn't find it 08/16/2013You couldn't find Sledding in Manistee Visit Log
Not today, couldn't even spot the tree.
Found it 08/16/2013You found Cricket's Favorite Park Visit Log
We came down to Manistee today for two reasons. One was a trip down memory lane, we had many visits with our friends who were here have since moved on, and the second was to log Day 16 of the 31 day Challenge. We have been having a bad week caching, on Monday we logged 4 DNF's before we made a find. Since our kids gave us an iPad mini with the geocaching app for Christmas, it, and the iPhone have been our GPSr of choice. However, this past week it has let us down a bit and so for this trip I went back to the old faithful Garmin as backup. While loading it with caches, we spotted the caching wonderdog's favorite park cache and highlighted it. Thank the Lord I had loaded the Garmin because we could not get enough of a signal from Verizon to work the Apple devices. We waited out the friendly lady with the puppy but our hunt turned out to be under the supervision of the frisky fellow who arrived just after she left. We kept our back to him and told his human that I was looking for bird signs.
Thanks for placing the cache here where it added to our day of memories and gave us our souvenir for Day 16.