Friday, April 25, 2008

Rainy, Foggy, Lightning, Gray, Low Fat Day

Perfect day to go to recycling!

Too rainy and chilly to walk outside today, so it was back to the mall. I'm an expert now on all of the shop windows - it's fun to watch them change. Dick ran a couple of errands while I was walking, and after lunch we went downtown to check jackets for him at Orvis but came out empty-handed.

After doing some internet research about proper diet for gallbladder disease, I printed out a chart of foods that are allowed and foods to avoid. The key seems to be digestibility - so it's mostly bland, non-spicy and of course low fat. We did a low-fat shopping adventure at the new Oleson's and bought lots of wonderful stuff. I'm sure I can do this, and Dick is a very big help.

Steve from Traverse Outdoor called and he's coming to look at the garden next Wednesday. Yaaay!

Our forsythia bush is in full bloom, and it's such a beautiful yellow. It's making it's own light outside the window on this overcast day. Daffodils are lighting up the driveway.