Saturday, July 23, 2011

GenFest 2011

What a wonderful Genfest we had this year! The cottage provided by Sharon and John on Forest Lodge was just perfect for this event! Big rooms, big porches, and a great beach made it the perfect venue.

I have to say that Barb's project, The Steiger Family Cookbook, was a big hit. Everybody contributed to it, recipes old and new - such fun!

The porch turned out to be the perfect spot for chatting:

and for admiring Drew!

The living room was so comfortable and cool - a terrific place to duck into!

The beach was down a hill from the cottage, a quite a ways away, but it sure didn't bother the kids!

The porch was also the perfect place for eating!

Eating inside wasn't bad either...

The ladies of the kitchen - Barb and Sharon, Melissa and Michelle - the food was bountiful and delicious - they all did a marvelous job!

The beach was the big attraction for all of the kids - it was fun watching them attack Chris!

Can you tell that these two are on vacation?

Oh no - I think Chris is in real trouble!

And over he goes! Kids rule!

We had a fascinating discussion about PNC (Melissa) and 1105 (Jana), and we were cool the whole time.

Jackson preparing to squirt someone no doubt!

Let's go kayaking! They sent the young legs off to get the kayaks.

Peachy and beachy

Kayaking strategy meeting

Family confab

Off they go to the island

Laurie, Carla, Jackson and Dylan

Doug and descendants

Laurie got the new kayak!

Triumphal return from the island

Minute to Win It - Breakfast Puzzle - Chip and Dylan

Tom doing the Nose Dive

Dick gives it a try

Melanie and Izzy enjoying the water

Jana balancing the dice - she did it! Laurie did it too. Such talent in one family:)

Dylan playing Suck it Up

Big, big bubbles were fun, fun to watch

Carla was the adult bubble champ -

I personally think that Dylan was the Champ of the Cousins

Oops! Balancing the dice is hard!
Thank you one and all for a glorious fun-filled day. GenFest just keeps getting better and better!