Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Mustard or Mayo....

Fasting blood test this morning via Dr. Barnes, the gastroenterologist.  He says he's curious as to whether or not this cancer could be genetic, or into what other category it might fit.  Twelve vials of blood were drawn, and the nurse said that 5 will be sent to the Mayo Clinic.  I'm in the dark about all of that, but I can conclude that Dr. Barnes is very thorough to say the least.

We had a super breakfast at Bubba's - did you ever hear of a Spanish burrito?  That was Dick's choice, and I just had a classic breakfast.  But it was yummy, and we enjoyed discussing the shut down of the government, an event which would be ludicrous and ridiculous if it weren't so serious.

The rest of our day was spent eating, sleeping, riding and reading.  We feel like we're on vacation, footloose and fancy free.