Saturday, December 11, 2010


While our friends and relatives in Michigan are buried under tons of snow, with high winds and blizzard conditions, the worst we've had in Florida is frost and freeze. The annuals that are always planted at this time of the year have been bitten and look dead. These palms give an idea of what the foliage looks like around here now.

Round Robin tennis for Dylan this morning at the Martin Downs Tennis Club. It was very much fun to watch. He played four singles matches and one doubles match. Lost the double and won all of the singles :)

Entrance to the tennis club:

Dylan is the tall one in the navy blue:

We went to Laurie's for a sandwich and some WoW ( I took a nap). Then we were off to the movies.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 3D at the Treasure Coast Mall. We all liked it very much - the special effects were very well done, and we loved all of the main characters. The new young actor who played Eustace Scrubb really did a fine job. Lucy, of course, has always been my favorite. Dick even liked it. Chip was at work.

So full of popcorn that we skipped dinner :) You just have to love it. (Please notice that Dylan is taller than Laurie! How did that happen??)