Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day

Kind of an ordinary day - gym, Omelette Shoppe, library, bank (to order Euros), Orvis to pick up Dick's new jacket, Visitor Center to talk to Kathee, and then home.

At the gym, it seems that we are all world travelers! Carol is leaving tomorrow for Peru and Macchu Pichu, Alice is leaving next Thursday for Europe, with a grand finale in Paris, and we are leaving on the 17th for our Scandinavian cruise!

Dick is still working on the flagpole. He also spent a lot of time today flattening all of the boxes from the lighting fixtures, and some boxes that had been in the garage for a while.

I was working on laundry, boat insurance, World of Warcraft, and Guiding Light! On the show, somebody wants to make a movie of Reva Shayne's life. So it made me think of how a movie of my life would be a real yawner! Ho Hum!

Happy May Day!