Tuesday, January 24, 2012

JDSP Revisited

Laurie and Dick went back down to Jonathan Dickinson State Park for more caches. There were more than 200 caches put out there for Cacheapalooza, so there were still many not found by us.  I was actually home doing laundry - and I was definitely OK with that.  The two of them found 22 caches, which boggles my mind, but hooray for them!  They even made friends with a turtle trying to find water.

Meanwhile, back at the condo, we had another train experience. You know how close the train is to our front door, and how loud it is, Well, now we've discovered another "benefit" of living so close to a busy track. Today the train was carrying long, long pieces of rail, very slowly. So slowly that the train actually stopped in front of Harborage, blocking the driveway. Then, after that train finally moved on, a second train also carrying rails came along and came to a stop again blocking the driveway. See the train? See the nice red pavers in our driveway? See the line of cars full of people who will all be late for their appointments?