Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some News is Bad News

This feels like being dismissed, or maybe just dissed.

 My oncologist says that he's not my most important doctor at this point.  According to him, the cancer is not the biggest problem.  Evidently, the liver disease and the failing kidneys are much more important.  He says that any treatment he could prescribe to shrink the cancer could not be done because of damage that might be done to the liver and kidneys.  He has no alternatives, and I won't see him again until we get back to TC next year.   The kidneys were damaged because of paracentesis = evidently removing a lot of fluid can damage the kidneys.  In the future they can only remove 2 or 3 liters at a time, followed by a shot of albumin - not sure why.

 Thankfully I have a nephrologist and a gastro-enterologist to turn to, in addition to good old Dr. Burke.  The nephrologist's office is helping me contact a Dr. in Florida.

We continue to be discouraged, disheartened, disgusted and disillusioned by the Michigan football program.  I never thought I would see the day when that program would be so undeserving of respect .... because, after all, "It's Great To Be a Michigan Wolverine."