Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Diamond Day

Talked to Dylan this morning - he's sounding so much better and we're so happy for him. He enjoyed telling us about the guinea pigs and their new sleeping arrangements - they really are a source of enjoyment and pleasure for him, as he is for us!

Wow, we had a good morning at the gym. As John Denver wrote, "Some days are diamonds, some days are stone." This was a diamond day. As soon as I started on the Nu-Step, it just felt better than usual. Dick had a great workout too. We went out to breakfast as usual, and this time we did the low-fat version of the Omelette Shoppe menu. It was very satisfying!

These are the kind of errands we do on a Tuesday: find a mail box, drop something off at the bank, take books back to the library, find a cache (puzzle cache - very much fun), shop at Meijer (low-fat diets with supplements are expensive!), locate the building for this afternoon's mammogram, and come home and put away groceries.

After all of that, I feel unusually good - (no cramping, no weakness) don't know whether it's a diamond day or a turning point for me. I'm kind of voting for turning point!

OMG! Sharon wrote and said that Kevin and Amy are expecting! I think that is wonderful news! I love to see the family expanding - and it gets better with every generation!

6:30 p.m. update: Worst mammogram of my entire life. It's never pleasant, and it's often uncomfortable, but there's never been any real pain until today. The Copper Ridge place is a beautiful facility with nice furniture and a flat screen TV in the waiting room. But next time, I'm going back to Thirlby Clinic.