Thursday, May 02, 2013

50 State Challenge

Max B on the River has put out several Challenge caches.  One of them is for people who have found a cache in all 50 States.  It's located in Niles, so it was a good place to stop on our way home.  Since we were coming from Belleville, it was only not so much out of our way if you really wanted to get there!  We got off I-94 and drove through Decatur and Dowagiac to get there.  Niles is 3 miles from the Indiana border.

We met Maxine for lunch, and then she took us to log the cache.  We really do qualify big time, because we have all 50 States plus the District of Columbia!

We were home by 5 o'clock.

Found it 05/02/2013You found 50 State Challenge Cache "See the USA in your ..." Visit Log
Please excuse the length of our log but our philosophy is that the logs are for us, it’s our record of our adventure. You might see it repeated on Facebook or blog.
We received a Magellan for Christmas to use on our boat. In the spring we read about Geocaching and on Fathers Day, decided to give it a try.
06/15/2003 Michigan Lone Pine Micro - GC69D9

On a trip to visit our daughter in Palm City, we introduced Sharkie Crew and Zoroan to the fun
03/18/2004 Florida A Downtown Treasure - GC5670

In 05 we went out to DC to visit our youngest and for the first time figured out how to load caches along a route
09/18/2005 Ohio A Walk in the Park -GCN5EB
09/19/2005 Pennsylvania Continental Divide Micro - GCM4W2
09/20/2005 Maryland Monocacy Marc - GCKQPE
09/23/2005 DC Church Ruins Park - GCA51C
09/24/2005 Virginia No bricks in this Wall - GCNTK9

On a visit to our son in San Diego, we showed him some in the area, he thinks
it’s stupid but he let us use his car. Ever cache with a Porsche?
01/21/2006 California RB Bug Launcher - GCQQMW

After finding all 83 Michigan counties and launching our coins, we set as our next goal to find all 50 states. 2007 was our first excursion for that purpose.
03/04/2007 Indiana Looking For Clarinda - GCKHAH
03/04/2007 Kentucky Cache Across America - GCXY7V
03/06/2007 Mississippi Chateau Shinault - GCXF56
03/06/2007 Tennessee Welcome to Memphis - Downtown - GCRVTQ
03/06/2007 Arkansas Down on the Farm - GCMM2A
03/08/2007 Missouri Geocache - GC1A6
03/10/2007 Illinois The Witch's Grave - GC7198

In 2007/08 on our trip to Florida, for the first time we cached our way down and back.
12/21/2007 Alabama Stairway to Salvation in Phenix City - GC17JF3
12/21/2007 Georgia Merry Green Acres - GCVTZ0
02/02/2008 South Carolina Furry Friends - GCX7BP
02/03/2008 North Carolina WEDDINGTON WILDCATS - GC18CZ8
02/04/2008 West Virginia bluestone service plaza - GCY0M0

The goal of 50 states let to an extremely exciting and fun western excursion.
06/23/2008 Wisconsin SVD BELL - GCY6HD
06/24/2008 Minnesota Just because - ..... GC18804
06/25/2008 North Dakota Goose Bugs Hotel - GCWVN6
06/26/2008 Montana Firebird - GC1593T
06/28/2008 Idaho Howard Springs - GC150TZ
06/29/2008 Wyoming Oh! Birdie - GCQ3T5
06/30/2008 South Dakota Kid Friendly #11 - GC14JT9

This was followed up by an eastern swing that fall.
09/07/2008 New York Bottcher's Landing - GC1BKZQ
09/08/2008 New Jersey A Cool Treat - GC1DE8J
09/08/2008 Connecticut Bennetts Tree Cach - GC13PCY
09/09/2008 Rhode Island 295 North Rest Area - GCWNE0
09/09/2008 Massachusetts Katahdin's Cache - GCYWAZ
09/10/2008 Maine Quack Quack - GCRK4H
09/10/2008 New Hampshire Learn to Earn NHTI - GCTNC8
09/10/2008 Vermont Wintermint - GC10YFK
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In October of 2009, while Michigan was playing a pair of away games, we made a swing through the southern plains.
10/14/2009 Louisiana A Welcome Sign - GC17J60
10/14/2009 Texas To All The Cats I've Loved Before... - GCQ680
10/15/2009 Oklahoma My Island Travel Bug Resort - GCE639
10/16/2009 Kansas Cloud County Museum - GC1X0ZT
10/16/2009 Nebraska South Buckley - GC1VZ01
10/18/2009 Iowa MM 259 Coin Castle - GCXC39

Then we realized that we had missed Delaware. An Easter trip to view the Cherry Blossoms and the monuments in DC.
04/03/2010 Delaware the Happy Lion rides a Subway (1) - GC10NW8

On a cruise to Alaska, we found that we were not the only cachers on board.
05/19/2010 Alaska End of the Road - GC17JF4
05/29/2010 Washington Do Drop Inn - GCXF8Z
05/30/2010 Oregon Original Stash Tribute Plaque - GCGV0P

On our next to the last excursion we flew to Vegas. We figure we may be the only folks to spent two nights in town and never enter a casino.
05/19/2011 Nevada For Whom The Bells Toll - GC2AT7B
05/19/2011 Arizona Minnetonka - GC2TYCD
05/20/2011 New Mexico Blue Unicorn - GC1H88N
05/21/2011 Colorado T i M e P a S s A g E s Ver 1 - GC1XDNM
05/22/2011 Utah Pioneer First Camp Ground - GC16BX8

That left only one more and so last fall we bit the bullet and spent a week on Maui. It was brutal but just one more sacrifice we've endured for the sake of Geocaching.
10/23/2012 Hawaii Haleakala Glory - GCH33F