Thursday, January 03, 2013


   First we wanted to send Jana her shipment of Christmas gifts! Laurie had already sorted, folded, and re-boxed everything, and taped the new boxes for us.  We all drove over to FedEx to use Laurie's AA employee discount, and off the boxes went, headed for Jana.  Laurie had shipped Tom's things yesterday.

 Now Christmas is officially over.  Their tree is down, and all decorations are safely stored for another year.

   When we're in Florida, we always love driving out west to Lake Okeechobee, and today was a perfect day for it.  We pulled into Okeechobee just in time for lunch.  We ate at Lunker's - a favorite place from previous years.  What a great BLT I had!

Now for some sight seeing and some geocaching!  Across the street from Lunker's is the Lake Okeechobee Lookout - we walked out there and looked out  :)  It seems to be the place to be fishing today.

We found 6 geocaches in all, and it was a beautiful drive and a very enjoyable day.

Dick's logs:

Found it 01/03/2013 You found Mass Burial   Visit Log
We love most cemetery caches. In Indiana and southern Michigan they are called "Spirit Quests". Each has a unique story and yet they have many untold stories which link them. We enjoy viewing the monuments and considering the family histories. This was the closest our iPad placed us, only 13 feet off. The log is sodden and unsignable. I thought I could replace it but discovered that I have forgotten to pack our replacement log books. We signed a sheet of paper and placed it in the container. Thanks for bringing us here and sharing this sad story with us.
Found it 01/03/2013 You found Grandaddy Oak   Visit Log
We found this one today on our trip home from an excursion out to "The Lake". Found it using geo-sense 'cuz we didn't have it loaded into the 62. Signed log and replaced as found. Since we are "furriners" we will have to do some research and find out the name of the tree growing up on grampa. Signed log and replaced as found. Thanks for adding to our pleasure on a beautiful day in which the windchill is only 60 degrees warmer than it is at home.
Found it 01/03/2013 You found Feliz CumpleaƱos Jelene Sanchez   Visit Log
We started this series at the north end but we couldn't find the trail and had problems with our new iPad. Driving south, this one popped up just off a crossing and when we pulled in and parked the iPad gave us a fix just 33 feet north. Again, we couldn't find a trail. I followed the arrow and bushwhacked. Bad idea. After plowing through numerous spider webs, when I reached the cache I was covered in sticktights which resembled little green worms. No way are we going out to dinner until after I shower and change.
Signed log and replaced as found. Thanks for the adventure.
Found it 01/03/2013 You found Sanchez Meets a GRIM End.   Visit Log
Our first day of caching with our new iPad. It got us to the parking area and 16 feet from the cache. Experience got us the rest of the way. Thanks for the fun and the smilie.
Didn 01/03/2013 You couldn't find Engine #65   Visit Log
This was our first day attempting to cache with the iPad the kids gave us for Christmas. At our first cache we lost a signal, here it indicated that the engine was 24 feet from the cache. Despite the presence of biker muggles, we gave it a good look but we were too hot and frustrated to score a find. Maybe on our next trip.
Found it 01/03/2013 You found Beginning of the Trail   Visit Log
We came out west today to have lunch at Lunker's and to check out the water level on the lake. Lunch was great (again), the lake is up (since last year) the view is still spectacular. Now for a cache. For Christmas the kids gave me a iPad mini. They helped me load the app so now I want to see if I can use it. From the parking lot by the lake pier it showed the cache and so we drove down here to see if we could find a cache just using the iPad. When we pulled in, we weren't getting a signal. We sat down on the bench to try to figure out the problem. We passed the thing back and forth for a while without success so I just grabbed the cache. We signed the log and replaced it. Thanks for the fun!