Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Project Complete

One of the important projects we planned for this summer is installing a roof over the North door of the gray barn and replacing the railings on a couple of porches with composite plastic railings. We hired Curtis from Suttons Bay to do the work - as it turned out, we also hired his dog Lucy! Anyway, after several delays and waiting for parts, the job is finished! We are very happy with the results!

My favorite new look is the railing on the upper deck - it is such a big improvement!

The front porch railing is also a definite improvement, and best of all, none of these railings will ever need painting!

This new roof over the barn door will save Dick a lot of hassle in the Spring thaw when the snow comes sliding off the barn roof! In the past he has had to wrestle with four foot deep piles of snow and ice in front of that door.