Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

What's our favorite thing to do? Touring Leelanau, that's what! So what better way to enjoy Dad's Day.

We started out at The Other Side, a new coffee house by Scott's. It's so new that the staff hasn't exactly figured out how to perform service or clean up. But they do know how to socialize with friends. The breakfast was good - but once again we couldn't eat it all and boxed half of it up.

Driving north we came upon our old bugaboo, the cache at the Clinton F. Woolsey Memorial Airport. Couldn't find it again! Next time we will, though! Dick has since emailed the owner and we got a good clue. Can't wait to go back and check it out.

Near Northport at Peterson Park Dick found a couple that we hadn't picked up before. Despite the holiday, it wasn't crowded at all. We enjoyed driving around Northport and touring the marinas - it's a beautiful day.

It was also beautiful at Glen Haven on Lake Michigan - the historical center has built a new pedestrian deck/bridge/walkway thing - looks terrific.

Late lunch at Boone Docks in Glen Arbor - mostly because Art's was jam-packed with a line of people waiting. Boone Docks is always good. We ate indoors because it was a little too chilly to sit outside.

Dick's Father's Day logs:

06/19/2011 You found Glen Lake (EC) Visit Log
Because of its depth, Little Glen is one of the first lakes to warm up in the spring. A couple of years ago when we were in high school, there was an informal contest to see who would be the first to go swimming each spring. We would drive up here in May and give it a try. It was a different bridge with a lot less traffic when we used to jump off from it. Spent some time taking water samples and answering the required questions. Email sent.

06/19/2011 You found Crystal River (EC) Visit Log
We love to drive through Leelanau county and chose it for this years Father's Day caching tour. The rivers here, the Platte and the Crystal, meander slowly from their source to Lake Michigan. They are the only rivers we have canoed where, when the wind is in your face, you must paddle to keep from floating upstream. It was very busy today with lots of dads and their families enjoying their day. We spent some time observing the river at the portage and answering the required questions. Email sent.

06/19/2011 You found Foreign Exchange 2 Visit Log
Out on a Father's Day excursion. We found our first cache on Father's Day, 2003. Once we figured out how to approach the hide it was an easy grab. As non golfing geocachers, we think this is a perfect use for a golf course. The log book is full, we left a temporary one. Traded a Danish 2 Kroner coin for a quarter. TFTC

06/19/2011 You found 112 Steps to Rock Bottom Visit Log
Caching on Father's Day is a tradition for us since 2003 when we found our first cache. Today's excursion has been a wildlife medley. We've seen deer and fawn, fox, and here a brazen chipmunk and a pair of mergansers. We had a DNF on this one the last time we were here and we had to give it another try. I think GZ was closer to the steps today than it was the last time we tried. Signed log with our sticker, took nothing and left our pathtag and a gold nugget. Thanks for the exercise.

06/19/2011 You found Search & Sunset Visit Log
We came back up to the park today to attempt to remove some DNF's we compiled on our last trip. Went to GZ, spotted the cache, walked to where it was and - - - it wasn't there! Searched, searched and searched some more. Finally found that bugger and signed the log. Thanks for the challenge.

06/19/2011 You found Poet Tree Visit Log
Caching on Father's Day has become a tradition for us. We found our first cache on Father's Day. That was 8 years, 83 Michigan counties and 49 states ago. We stopped here today and found the pickin's in the cache to be pretty sparse. We took out some Geojunk and left a matchbook car, our Father's Day coin, Apache tears and Jack Squat.
Our poem was;
The Boy stood on the burning deck,
Eating peanuts by the peck.
A girl stood by all dressed in blue,
And said "I guess I'll have some too."
As to the trees, Cottonwood, maple and of course, cedar.
Thanks for the fun!!