Sunday, May 04, 2008



Our yard is in bloom!
The purple-leaf plum trees along the driveway - the camera doesn't really do them I tried getting closer......and closer! I hope you can tell how beautiful these trees are!

This is the forsythia which has been lighting us up for a week now. In actuality, it's much more bright and yellow in person!
Here is Dick's new flag pole in all its glory; new paint, new yardarm, new flag. It wasn't easy - we really needed 3 men and a boy to help - but he did it all by himself, assisted for 15 minutes by me with the tractor. It looks great!

I haven't used the camera since Christmas in Palm City - here are a couple of pictures that have been hiding in the camera for 5 months:
Uncle Tom and Dylan in a deep philosophical discussion (well, maybe not).

Relaxed and happy in the Florida sunshine!

Christmas morning cup of coffee

Typical Christmas joyful chaos - it even looks like fun today in May!