Thursday, April 10, 2014

Doctor Day

If you're not seeing a doctor today, you are really out of the loop!

Today's Jana update from Laurie:

Jana's doctor checked in this morning at 6:30. Today is drainage/aspiration day. The procedure requires fasting and Jana is an "add on " so she is basically on reserve, if there is an opening it's her time to take the test. The doctor said it will be performed before 5:00 pm. Everything hinges on the aspiration procedure. If there is a lot of fluid, the drain will remain in place and Jana will return to her room to drip dry. If there isn't a lot of fluid they will take what they can get and culture the specimen. The cells and bacteria in the fluid will hopefully determine the source of the infection. The doctor feels the drainage should relieve Jana's pain and discomfort. If that occurs she would be released Saturday. If there is no fluid or the drainage does not relieve the pain......back to the drawing board. That is all for now.

This afternoon, Dick and I went to see Dr. Burke.  We got the official okie dokie that it's OK for the two of us to exercise at the gym.

Lunch at Bubba's.