Sunday, April 13, 2008

Let's Go Around Again!

Yesterday we went to the mall again for walking practice because it's chilly outside. This time I used a shopping cart from Target for stability, and it worked great.

Today we did the same thing for the same reason. This time I walked the .8 of a mile with only one sit-down. When I finished I felt like I could do it again - what a nice (and unusual) feeling! We saw Mary, Heather and Kimberly but we didn't have a chance to say hello.

We had lunch at Hunan - their buffet is the best! Afterwards we went to the Bay to double check some coordinates for Dick's new caches, and we ran into Dennis and Melanie (rathergohiking) in the parking lot. Seeing friends is always a highlight of the day!

Had a nice talk on the phone with nephew Ed this afternoon - we needed to know how he and Ruth wanted their names to appear on the T-shirts for GenFest. He sounds good, and he's very easy to talk with. He's doing well - likes his job - is conscientious about taking care of his vision problems - and also about shoring up Ruth during this rough patch that she's going through. She has taken a small apartment in Lake Ann, and misses her home, her dogs, and her land.

In other news, J.P. will be attending Cranbrook School next fall! He auditioned for and received a scholarship which pays a small percentage of the tuition - but it has been worked out that he can go! We're as pleased as punch! Way to go Jackson!

I think Susie's surgery is tomorrow...our fingers are crossed :)