Sunday, June 26, 2011


Roger's report:

Thanks to Sue's persistence making sure all the proper forms got signed, faxed, etc. Mom did move to the Bellbrook rehab center last Monday, after a 12-day hospital stay. The staff and facility there are very nice, and the location is very convenient for Dad. Mom has begun therapy and is beginning to steadily recover. She is in much less pain and is mostly bored. She appreciates hearing about what's going on in everyone's life, so feel free to send a card with a note to Spartan Court and Dad will make sure she gets it.

All we can do is write letters and cards - she doesn't want flowers. I hear that Odie is very popular at the Rehab Center because she tries so hard. She really wants to go home. We are really pulling for her.

A beautiful summer day - perfect in every way.

It's always fun to ride around all of the paths and trails in the golf cart, and today was the best day for it!

To top things off, we drove around the entire county in the Jeep - the Old Mission Peninsula is the most beautiful place in Michigan (in my humble opinion).