Saturday, August 17, 2013

Facebook Fun

Morgan's canning plant

You Know you are from Traverse City, Michigan when....

Anyone know this whereabouts ?  You should.

Brian Thomas:  It is now the open space. I moved here in 1973 and it was there still but very
fact I think they took it down right after that summer.

Nancy Steiger : My Dad, Dutch Kanitz, was the weighmaster there for several summers in the 40s. Teachers were always looking for summer jobs!

Cinda Kinney Simmons Nancy Steiger - I remember your dad from JHi. Did he also coach football?

Judith Keller Albers:  Nancy, I also remember your dad. He was my 8th grade math teacher at Central Elementary when it was the Jr. High.

Shirley Weller Martinek:    Nancy dad also worked at Morgans and was a friend of your dad.  Mr Kanitz was my math teacher in 8th grade and it was my favorite class (I loved math). Also, we purchased a set of World Book Encyclopedias from him.

Charley Green:  I had Mr Kanitz for math in 1958

Nancy Steiger:   Shirley Weller Martinek, Judith Keller Albers, Cinda Kinney Simmons, Charley Green - yes to all of you  That was my Dad. He taught 8th grade arithmetic and coached football and baseball. Selling World Book Encyclopedias was another of his summer jobs. Nice to have him remembered. :)

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