Sunday, September 01, 2002

Health History

U of M Football season, 2002 –
Parked about 10 blocks from seats. From August to November, had
increasing difficulty walking to stadium because of shortness of
Routine blood test shows low hemoglobin
Began taking Fergon iron supplement.

Holiday season, 2002 – No stamina, shortness of breath, easily tired
Thanksgiving and Christmas meal prep and celebrations were
Hemoglobin count goes lower
Began taking 2 Fergon/day

January, 2003 – extreme shortness of breath, neck pressure and jaw pain
while just pushing a cart around Meijer.

End of January 2003 – Hospitalized for heart tests, hemoglobin continues
to drop. 2 blood transfusions brings hemoglobin from 8 to 10
Endoscopy and colonoscopy show bleeding ulcer and cherry red spots.
Stop aspirin and Fergon

Spring, 2003 – Gradually regained stamina
Began walking on treadmill again

July, 2003 – Having trouble again with shortness of breath
Can only walk for ten minutes without resting (treadmill)

August, 2003 – shortness of breath, neck pressure and jaw pain associated
with heavy breathing – no stamina – no treadmill
Routine blood test shows low hemoglobin again
Taking Fergon 1/day

U of M Football season 2003 – miss the first 3 games for the first time
in 20 years. No stamina – shortness of breath – easily tired –
neck pressure, jaw pain

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