Monday, June 21, 2004

Happy Monday

Dick worked at the Agency, and I had my yearly eye exam. We had a lunch date, and went to Scott's Harbor Grill. The dilation of my pupils actually didn't wear off until almost 5 o'clock. I couldn't believe it. I was expecting just a couple of hours.

At Glen's (formerly Prevo's) Market, there was a two for one sale on Johnsonville brats!
So our freezer is full of brats for Genfest, and we are very proud of ourselves!

Tomorrow is our 47th wedding anniversary. Last summer my high school girlfriends gave us a gift certificate to Windows as a thank you for hosting the SLG picnic. It expires on July 1, so this is definitely the time to use it. So tomorrow night, Windows, here we come.
I was thinking maybe in 3 years when we have our 50th anniversary, we should combine Genfest and the anniversary party. 1. All our kids would be here, and 2. it would guarantee that nobody would think that hiring a hall and having a special party would be a good idea. I think we would both just rather have a picnic. When Dutch and Marian celebrated their fiftieth, my Dad gave all of his descendants $50 each. Don't hold your breath ;)

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