Monday, June 14, 2004

What's happening at the river

June 14, 2004

Dick and I are already thinking about how much fun it will be to have Laurie, Chip and Dylan here for the month of July.
The GenFest will be on July 17th, and we're sort of pre-planning for that already too.
When Dylan gets here, he and I will work together to tell what we do every day - hopefully with pictures!
This morning Dick is working at the Agency and I'm going to sweep off the porch.
Today is Flag Day.
This afternoon I did some scrapbooking, Dick mowed the grass, and now he is geocaching in Honor and Inland Township.


Basswood1 said...

I found 1 out of 2. This was my post;
This one has been bugging me. Over a year and no logs! Why? I'm wondering if it's still there but no one has posted a could not find. A month ago I tried to find the Peppermintpatti route that was "not hilly" but couldn't figure it out. This afternoon I couldn't take it any longer, drove to the completely empty campground and found the trail. How unique! I don't remember seeing one like it in Michigan before. Followed the trail, which was muddy and slippery in spots, and climbed the hill. Wow! That gives your legs a work out. I was surprised at the amount of traffic the trail has had judging by the tracks in the mud. At the top I took a break to let the GPSr settle down, not because I was winded or anything. Then it took me right to the cache. It made it through another winter just fine. Someone (Cooper Family) signed the book in September but didn't log on-line. I signed the log and took a Michigan key chain that I'll turn into a TB later this summer. Left a bendable cowboy and Indian and our card. Bushwacked out down the hill, much better than the trail. I'll sleep better tonight both because I know the cache is alright and because my legs tell me to.

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