Thursday, July 15, 2004

First Boat Launch of the Year

Yesterday, Jana and Dylan were even more wrapped up in EverQuest.  They have a new Cat character named Mewmer, and they're having a blast.  Jana also swept off the boardwalk, and swept out the garage in case of rain on Saturday - very helpful. 
  Tom has  really been enjoying watching the Tour de France, and we have started to enjoy it right along with hin.  We're learning a lot about bike racing.
 Tour De France 
 Chip has hurt his back, and it's quite a problem for him.  He's totally bummed because he loves getting ready for the picnic - washing tables, etc. - and now he really just has to take it easy. 
Laurie and I took Dylan to Bo Tangles for a haircut.  We stopped in for a minute to say hi to Great Grandma.  Then on to the Outlet mall to shop for clothes for Dylan for school, but we struck out. 
 Shopping 3  
  We got some last minute items for the picnic.   I think we're almost totally ready!  (That's a dangerous thought because something always comes up at the last minute!). 
 Dick has been doing more yard work, and doing last minute checks on all of the geocaches he has hidden around the property for the Saturday event.  We ordered Mancino's subs for lunch (yaay). 
 Laurie and I filled some water balloons (lots more to do), while Tom and Dylan chased each other around the yard. 
 Around 3:30, they all went to Spider Lake with the pontoon boat and had a great time swimming and boating.  First time out for the "Teacher's Lounge"  this year. I found a new name I like even better than Teacher's Lounge.  I think we should rename it The Tinytanic!
I stayed home so I could have dinner ready when they got back.

Place Setting 

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