Friday, July 23, 2004

Friday All-Day Live

Dick made another splendid breakfast of pancakes and bacon.  He has made something spectacular almost every day.
 Pancakes  Bacon 

Dylan and I played downstairs for a while - mostly fighting off imaginary skeleton kings who had ghostly crowns. (!)  Then we worked at the dining room table - I was paying bills, and he was coloring with markers.   He was using old notecards and drawing on the inside.  He said he was making portals - one portal went back to our house, another went to a different galaxy called the sand dunes, one went to the grassy plains where the buffalo were mean, but the deer and the antelope were nice, one went to a different world farther away than Pluto from the sun.  Of course, after he drew all of this, then we absolutely had to act out going through all of the portals.  It's going to be very boring around here when Dylan leaves. 

  Laurie, chip, Dylan, and Dick took the pontoon boat to Arbutus Lake for fishing and swimming.  Everybody caught fishes except Laurie, who didn't try.  Hikes were taken and water was played in. 

I took books back to the library, got some new books for Mother, ran some errands, visited Mother, etc.
This evening we went to Friday Night Live in downtown Traverse City - we ate at the U and I and had ice cream at Kilwin's.  Dylan especially enjoyed watching the mime.  I liked the musical groups.  Nice music.  


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