Saturday, July 17, 2004

GenFest 2004

To begin with, the weather was perfect.  We couldn't have asked for a better day. 
For starters, Jana and I went up to Chum's Corners to get red white and blue balloons for the party. 
 We were just tying the balloons out by the road when Uncle Doug arrived with all of the beverages.
 After several people had arrived, we presented John and Sue with their Michigan Mom and Michigan Dad sweatshirts.  It was a really fun moment for me!  I'm not sure that John will ever touch his new sweatshirt again.
The food was delicious - everybody always brings the best things!  Barb and  Sharon did the total clean-up after both lunch and dinner - I was so appreciative.  
 Picnic Table 
After lunch, the geo-caching started, and everybody joined in with enthusiasm.  It seemed to be enjoyable and we got 5 great teams by drawing bandanas out of a box.  The whole geocaching search took only about an hour and a half - I was really impressed with everybody.  We had our   regular volleyball games - it's obvious that the quality of play has improved immensely over the years! 
 The little guys always enjoy the water balloon fight - and it was fun again this year  John W., Tom,  Kevin, and the kids all participated. There was some tubing and canoeing, and of course Tom's margaritas around the campfire.  Some people had more margaritas than others (not mentioning any names!!)
 The last peeps left at 4:30 a.m.  Can't wait til next year!

Attendees: Doug, Odette, John & Sue, Roger, Megan, Fay, J.P., Dave, Beth, Lauren, Barb, Jim, Melissa, Peter, Autumn, Brooke, Shelly, Kelvin, Jenna, Adam, Melanie, Lydia, Sharon, John, Kevin, Amy, Derek, Chad & Carla, Dick&Nan, Laurie, Chip, Dylan, Tom, and Jana.   37 in all. 
BrothersCousinsSisters Family Portrait 

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