Sunday, July 25, 2004

Lance Wins

This morning we watched Lance Armstrong win the Tour de France.  Or rather, we watched Tom Boonen win the last stage.  Nobody had a camera on Lance as he finished.  I did get to see him receive his 65th lion and his 6th winners trophy.   It was great fun to watch the bikers in Paris. 
Tour De France

Then we went in to town to visit Mother - while we were there, Uncle Fritz and Aunt Ruth dropped in.  Laurie and I can't remember if she's ever met them before.  Anyway, we visited for a while and we all left at the same time. 
We went shopping on Front Street, but the store that Laurie was interested in was closed because of it being Sunday.  So we weren't downtown very long.  We ate out on the deck at North Peak - a great place to eat - very casual and yummy.  We pretended it was Chip's birthday even though his b-day isn't till the 30th.  We went to Moomer's for dessert - also casual and also yummy!  
Ice Cream
Now the Gillespie's are packing and trying to figure out how to get home tomorrow since the flights out of TC are all full.  We'll be driving them to Grand Rapids where they have a better chance of getting out.  Cross your fingers.

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