Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Off to Houghton Lake

Drove to Houghton Lake this morning to spend the night with Jan and Bill. The weather was very iffy, so we didn't even try going out on the boat.
Camera 2
We shared family pictures - baby Jet is just amazing - he's in the 95th percentile of both height and weight. They did give Jet a middle name after all - Ketana - which means big sword in Japanese. They liked the sound of Jet Ketana. Jan is flying back out to California this weekend to babysit.
Eric and Tammy are expecting their first child in February. They say it will be either Emily or Ethan. The "cottage" has had some nibbles but so far no takers.
We did go geo-caching, and they were good sports and went along with us. Jan even found the first cache! So she at least had some success. We did lots of back woodsing, found a ghost town, an old stone lodge, and an abandoned CCC camp. We spent a lot of time lost in the woods (the most fun of all) trying to find the Mason Canoe Chapel in the George W. Mason Tract. Dick kept saying - "I have a feeling it's on the other side of the river - and he was right! We were tired though, so we left it for tomorrow.
Had a great time catching up on all the gossip and family news.
Jan fixed dinner and the two of us drank a whole bottle of Cherry Festival Wine. Yummy. I went to bed early. Felt like a real wino.
Red Wine

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