Sunday, August 22, 2004

The Phantom Trail

Our day has mostly been filled up with hiding our new cache, The Phantom Trail. After I walked on the treadmill Dick and I picked out the items to be put into our cache (an old ammo box). Then we had to go for a ride back over to Blair Townhall road to firm up some more coordinates and to hide the actual cache. I think it will be quite hard to find this one. It's located between two cedar swamps, with the trail on a relatively narrow ridge. Besides which, the coordinates on the cache page are coded and have to be de-crypted before anyone can find it. We know one intrepid cacher (ABXGuy) who will probably find it the day after it's approved, but that's only one. After it has been approved, I'll post the URL here so you can look at it.
Once the cache was hidden, then we had to come back home and try to format the cache page so that the code came out in the right order in html. I was kind of at a loss, but gradually, after trying everything else, I figured out a rather clunky way to get the job done - I think it took me about 4 hours - no kidding.

It's a good thing we're retired. Anyway, it was a big relief to finally have it work out the way we wanted it, and now we wait for the Official Approval.

We visited Mother, and she was OK for a while, but then she got so she really couldn't keep her eyes open - it's weird to watch that happen. We cut our visit short so she could rest. Talked to Jeff the Neighbor. He has Kerry signs in his front yard. He has distributed more than a hundred Kerry signs on Beaver Island, where his in-laws live.
We drove home by way of Moomer's for ice cream. When you have ice cream at 4:30, you really don't have to fix any supper. I'm always thinking. We made our selections and went to pay and found out that it had been paid for by a church group, who was buying ice cream treats for everyone in the building. A very nice surprise. They were mostly pre-teen girls (The Missionettes) from the Living Hope Church trying to show us the love of Jesus in a tangible way. So we said Thank you Jesus.
Winky 2
We drove home around Long Lake. It was a beautiful day for a drive, but very windy - gusts up to 37 mph. We noticed trees already beginning to turn color. Plus, Dick mowed the lawn today, and right after he was finished, it had leaves all over it. I guess fall is really on the way. We really had no summer this year - a lot of temps in the sixties.

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