Friday, March 09, 2012

Spring Vacation in Japan

Yesterday Laurie and Dylan left to go visit Jennifer and Joydeep in Tokyo.  First they're going to spend some time in Kyoto going to museums, festivals and such.

 Dick has enabled them to find some caches in Kyoto - they're planning to leave a travel bug and a coin in a couple of caches.  It should be extremely interesting to see where the travel bug goes.  Dick is hoping that Dylan will be able to use the information they get in a paper that he may write sometime in the future.

Then they'll be staying with Jennifer and her family for some sightseeing in Tokyo.  The trip is only going to last a week, but it should be enlightening, interesting, entertaining and fun.

Here's Dylan at O'Hare waiting for his next flight :

They got on the plane to Narita Airport in first class. This is the plane where you get pajamas and mints on your pillow in first class!  Here's Dylan catching some zzzz's in First Class!

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